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Balloon Twister Sersch, these are Anja and Peter Sersch, originally computer specialist, in the balloon business since 2013.

2013 Anja and Peter met a balloon artist named Ralf Esslinger; he keeps the world record in twisting balloon flowers since 2012. Since then they are thrilled what you can do with balloons and started to make balloons in their spare time at first.

In fall 2014 Peter started his business and became a fulltime balloon twister and decorator. Since November 2015 he is member of the Qualatex Balloon Network and passed his test to become a Certified Balloon Artist. Anja assists Peter and is also a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network.

Seit Mai 2017 ist die neue Software "Virtualoon" online erhältlich. Mit Hilfe dieser Software können Ballon Dekorateure ihre Designs virtuell erstellen und Kunden präsentieren. Innherhalb weniger Sekunden können die Farben geändert werden. Die Software hilf Kosten zu sparen indem die Designs nicht mit Ballons erstellt werden müssen um dem Kunden zeigen zu können wie es aussieht und die Software erstellt eine Liste der Ballons die für das Design benötigt werden.VIRTUALOON.COM registrieren.

Since May 2017 the new software "Virtualoon" is available online. With the help of this software balloon decorators can virtually create their designs to present them to their customers. Within seconds colors can be changed. Virtualoon helps to cut down costs as the designs don't have to be build to make the mock-up and the software creates a list of all balloons used in the design. To register for Virtualoon please visit our website VIRTUALOON.COM

About Balloon Twister Sersch

Known from the local newspapers and in business since 2014.

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Even during COVID-19 times you can order balloon designs and we will deliver them following the actual Corona rules.

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