Balloon Twister Sersch offers you different elements of balloon art.

Basically we differentiate between balloon twisting and balloon decoration. Besides is balloon drops and balloon release.

Additional to these service elements we offer services such as personalized cards for balloon releases, individual balloon weights such as plates of slate with a lasered text or picture. For questions, wishes or ideas please contact us.

Balloon Decoration

With a balloon decoration you achieve attention. Wether you choose garlands, columns, balloonwalls or any other balloon decoration made out of balloons, it always is an eyecatcher. Colorfull, elegant or descent, everything is possible. Balloon decorations are great for different occasions, weddings, birthday partys, religious festivities, memorial services, family get togethers, company events, sports events and a lot more. Table decorations are a nice decoration and they brighten the venue. Garlands are available in many different variations and colors, whatever is best for your event or company with your corporate design. Balloonwalls with names or logos in it are perfect for weddings or trade fairs. For our balloon decorations we use latex- and foil balloons as well as balloons made out of a special material. In a meeting with our clients we make suggestions and with the help of our special software we can show you the virtual decoration in your venue. This makes it easier for the customer to imagine what the decoration will look like.

Ballon Twisting as an advertising media

Ballon twisting is the most common way of using balloons. Everybody knows a balloon dog. Balloon twisting is much more to us. Everything is possible, from a mouse which is only a few inch up to a giant balloon sculpture with thousands of balloons and a size of several meters. A balloon sculpture which can be used as a costume for a person is a great media to hand out flyers for your business. Line twisting is great to entertain the children at a trade fair while the adults can have a look at your products or services. Balloons with your logo printed on can be integrated in our balloon sculptures. As balloon artists it is easy for us to get in contact with people and you can take advantage of this fact as your sales people can talk to potential customers.

Balloon Release / Balloon Drop

Hundrets of colorfull helium balloons rise into the sky or drop from a heigh ceiling - this is a phenomenal impression. We would love to do this for you! For a balloon release helium balloons are released into the sky. After a short period of time the helium is gone and the balloons come back down. Our latex balloons are biodegradable, this take about the same time as for a oak leaf. To protect the environment we only use cotton or paper strings to provide causing harm to animals. To release balloons you will need a permission of flight security. Balloons that are released can't have LEDs or anything else inside and cannot be tight together. We will assist you with this. Foil balloons are not allowed to be released as they contain metal and can cause power shortage in power supply lines. We recomment balloon drops for venues with a ceiling height of 5m or more. We will calculate the amount of balloons that will be best for you. Everything will be prepared by us - all you have to do is pull the string when you want to free the balloons. Balloons in a balloon drop are filled with air only.


We offer balloon workshops for children and adults. You start to learn the basics to twist a balloon dog and increase the level while learning more techniques. Balloon workshops are also very good in the integrative sector or with older people to enhance their motor activity. Being successfull making their own balloon sculpture is a great experience and you can tell by a look in peoples eyes. There is no failure as there aren't any borders for your imagination. A balloon dog becomes a giraffe or a mouse, whatever you want it to be. Depending on who we make the workshop with we choose the designs. We suggest 1 hour workshop for up to 10 attendendees. If the group contains of very young kids or integrative attendendees we suggest either to have less people per workshop or more time. The balloons we use in the workshops are made out of latex and are filled with air.

Photo Ops

We offer balloon photo ops. Wether you want a simple frame or a pirate photo op - you choose what's best for you. Everything is possible, a pirate photo op, a motor cycle or a car you can sit in or a sofa - of course it will be in original size. You can take the pictures yourself or we bring a photo box. The pictures can be printed with your company logo.

Personalized balloon sculptures

Every balloon sculpture we make is unique and is custom made. This is not only for balloons but for the strings for helium balloons as you can choose the color of the string and the weight. We offer perfection and aesthetics down to the last detail.

Internationaler Ballon Bouquet Lieferservice

www.GlobalBalloon.Delivery is the website for you balloon flower bouquet order. After you colored your balloon flower bouquet you just type in the delivery address and choose one of the three closest balloon artist. Balloon artists from all over world anticipate this. As this service is quite new it might happen that you cannot find a balloon twister close to your delivery address. In this case please contact us and we will take care of your order.

Balloon Flower Bouquet

Quality is our main word, therefore we only use balloons, helium and accessory with an outstanding quality. For us, perfect service and your complete satisfaction come first.

About Balloon Twister Sersch

Known from the local newspapers and in business since 2014.

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Even during COVID-19 times you can order balloon designs and we will deliver them following the actual Corona rules.

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